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V5-552G-X412 WIN8 64B ENG/FR A10-5757M V5-552G-X412 WIN8 64B ENG/FR A10-5757M***

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V7-482PG-6662 WIN8 64B ENG/FR I5-4200U V7-482PG-6662 WIN8 64B ENG/FR I5-4200U***

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V3-772G-9643 WIN8 64B ENG/FR I7-4702MQ V3-772G-9643 WIN8 64B ENG/FR I7-4702MQ***

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A210-10G16C ANDROID 4.0 TEGRA 3 QC 1.2G A210-10G16C ANDROID 4.0 TEGRA 3 QC 1.2G

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Sub-Total: $2,896.00

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